July 3, 2020
4 months and 14 days left
until our celebration.
Welcome to the Barnes Family website! A place where we can stay connected and be updated on all family news and events throughout the year. This site will be interactive allowing each of us to post family photos, take polls, sign the guestbook, view relatives birthdays and current events, RSVP to reunions, and hopefully in the future make payments and more. We already have a family Facebook page, however all family members do not use social media to keep in touch. We hope this will allow many more to stay updated on future events and connected with all family members. Updates will be made on the site monthly unless otherwise needed. Whether it be exciting news such as new family birth, wedding or graduation...or the sad news of a death, we want you to be able to find in here. So please help spread the news that the Barnes has joined the World Wide Web and give all this site address.
Be sure to spread the word of our family website
We are the Legacy!
We are the Legacy!
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